If you're not happy at your school, I'm sure you already know the feelings that I was experiencing in my transfer journey. It was a tough reality to come to, the fact that I didn't want to stay at my college. I chose the place, visited with my parents, fell in love with it, built relationships there. Yet, I knew it wasn't the place for me. This is a common thing, and something I was even considering my sophomore year. But, I started dating a great guy and had a good support system there so I assumed I could just stick it out. However, at the start of my junior year, I felt like I wanted to be somewhere else.

Dealing with mental health issues, the environment surrounding you is so important. Feeling isolated by my sorority and sports team, sitting in my apartment alone most of the time, feeling like I couldn't trust anyone, It was not a good head space for me and I realized my mental health was at an all-time low. I knew I needed to make a change.

Looking into schools is hard, because you need to find another match, when you already thought you had found the perfect place. There's no trust anymore. After thinking you found a great place and having all of these things promised to you, realizing that these things may not be true is disheartening. When I found the place I liked, I focused on it. 

But, transferring costs more, you could have to repeat more time in school, and you're already established somewhere. I went back and forth a lot. But when I finally made the decision to transfer, I felt so at peace with myself and felt so centered. I was finally able to focus on moving on and knowing there was a light at the end of the tunnel. I was so sad on my campus and so isolated after my assault and subsequent legal and civil cases. People took sides. I was isolated from friend groups, discriminated against in my sorority, even my coach wasn't on my side. I was so alone. But, knowing there was something at the end for me was so exciting. 

I do have to go to school for another year. That was tough to discover. But, I can do summer courses, and I figured if I am at a place where I'm happy, another year won't feel like another year. The sorority at my new school is so incredible. They are excited to meet me and are more friendly than the women I have been in a sorority with for three years. The volleyball team is so welcoming, the newspaper staff already wants to be my friends and get updates about my internship all summer. The environment is so friendly. These people seem normal, which is such a weird concept. People that actually know how to treat others; It's an incredible concept.

So, there are pros and cons to transferring. Crippling student debt and an extra year of school, but none of that outweighs my mental health. I am more important than some debt. I need to keep myself healthy and going to a new place and having a new experience was appealing and exciting. 

On my new journey, I am very excited to travel to a new place, move in with my new roommate and feel loved. I will move on. I will be happy. I will have new experiences and have meaningful relationships elsewhere. I realize the people in my past didn't care about me anyway. I can't wait for this new journey and can't wait to meet all the amazing people I will be with for the next two years. 

Lead Image Credit: Pixabay