Joining clubs and participating in activities is a great way to make friends and enjoy your college years! However, despite how many clubs are on your campus, there might be one thing that you are passionate about that is not offered on campus. It is easy to start a club on your campus, and it is a great feeling to say that you are a founder. But before you get to the moment where you can say that, you should consider these eight things.

1. The Meeting Schedule

Every organization has a mission statement. What do you intend on your members getting from the club, and how often do you need to meet to achieve your goal. Should your club meet weekly or biweekly? Do you need to have separate meetings for executive members?

2. The Importance

Why does your club need to exist? Why should your club escalate from being a small gathering of  like-minded people to an university approved club? When you propose your club idea to the office of Student Leadership and Engagement, they will be asking these questions— and so should you.

3. Desired Members

Who do you want to be attracted to your club? Are there certain majors, class standings, genders, ethnicities, etc.?  Think about the types of members who would benefit and contribute the most to the substance of the club. Also, check your school’s club requirements to see how many members you will need to be made official.

4. Executive Board

If you are starting the club, there is a high chance you intend to preside as president. However, who else would you entrust your club with and be comfortable working with? When proposing a club, you often need at minimum a president, vice president and treasurer. In addition, you may consider a secretary, public relations chair or a position specific to your club (i.e. magazine editor, graphic designer, etc.).

5. Club Adviser

Every club needs a faculty adviser that can guide and assist members as needed along the way. Consider possible candidates who would be qualified and willing to take the position. Do you have a favorite professor who is knowledgeable in the focus of the group?

6. Type of Club

Do you want your club to be an outlet for students to socialize and de-stress, or to enhance and expand their understanding of a particular subject?  Neither one is superior, but you must know how you want to market your club so that you can attract the right members.

7. Budget

How much money do you think you will need to request for club funds for the semester?  Consider any events you would like to host, activities you would like to share with the club and so on.

8. Mandatory Annual Events

Many universities require their clubs to host a certain amount of events that are available and to the benefit of the entire student body. Check your school’s requirements and see! Keep in mind things that your club can feasibly host that would align with the mission, while still not causing too much unwarranted stress on members.

As you begin founding your own unique club, consider these eight things to prepare you. Remember, every university has different SGA guidelines, and every club has different needs. Be sure to review all guidelines during your process.

Adventure Awaits!

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